Production Manager

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Jun. 27, 2019

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Production Manager

St. Catharines

Position Description
The Production Manager is responsible for the safe, sound and cost-effective performance of the Production Department. Planning, scheduling and execution of the shop fabrication portion of Company contracts is the primary focus of the Production Manager. He/she monitors progress to ensure compliance with Company commitments. Development of personnel and equipment required to effectively execute the work is coordinated by the Production Manager and he/she will make recommendation to Senior Management when the Company should consider financial investment accordingly. The Production Manager is responsible for Labour Relations associated with plant workers (United Steelworkers) and will participate in contract negotiations and administration. From the Owners point of view at this time, it is important to ensure that the new Production Manager knows how to manage employees and can demonstrate production improvements. The Production Manager is also the Plant Manager, and therefore is considered the primary caretaker of the St. Catharines facility and will assist Senior Management in matters of upkeep and improvement as required.



Additional Information
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Production Foremen, Production Technician, Equipment/ Maintenance Supervisor (part-time), Traffic Lead Hand, Shop Floor Workers. WORKS CLOSELY WITH: Company Management Team (General Manager and Department Managers).