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Jun. 20, 2019

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Niagara Falls

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Repair and maintain all electrical equipment and systems in the plant - 85% Preventive Maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical problems and for repetitive electrical breakdowns to minimize failures. Plan approach to job in order to ensure the most efficient and safe way to perform the task. Complete the layout, assembly and installation of electrical for altering existing equipment and new minor installations and selection and ordering of materials to complete this work. Completion of filing of "Application for Inspection" with the Ont. Hydro Inspection Department for all electrical modifications and new installations. Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of electrical code and general knowledge in the electrical field General duties - 15% General housekeeping. Provide assistance and work with other trades to complete projects/jobs. Participate in PCR's and other plant programs as required. May be required to participate as a Fire Brigade Member

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ACCOUNTABILITY –The maintenance and repair of all electrical apparatus and electrical distribution systems in the plant. Conduct daily work activities in support of HSE objectives and policies. Use personal accountability to assist with carrying out duties, responsibilities and authority as defined in HSE programs, practices and procedures. Understand HSE policies and programs. Work safely, with respect to health and environmental requirements.