Ferry Operator

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Post Date
Jun. 6, 2018

Job ID
Job Title
Ferry Operator
Seasonal (May-October)

Port Robinson, ON

Position Description
We are looking for operators who are comfortable driving a pontoon boat and  providing excellent customer services to user groups..  The Ferry Service providestransporation of people across the canal from the west

  • Pleasure Craft Operators Card 
  • Comfortable driving a pontoon boat
  • Knowledge of Standard First Aid

  • Understand the maximum weight capacity rated for the boat in use to be able to assess how many passengers and bicycles may be safely loaded
  • Ensure all safety equipment is on board at all times during the operation hours
  • Ensure there is no visible damage to the boat or engines and they are operating properly before use
  • Ensure all passengers are seated evenly throughout the vessel
  • Ensure all bicycles, strollers, small wagons, etc., are secured and the deckhand is prepared and ready to depart
  • Ensure the canal is clear of any vessel traffic before crossing
  • Able to operate the boat according to the changing daily weather and water conditions
  • Always give the right away to all other canal going vessels
  • Report all accidents/incidents
  • Ensure the boat is secured at the end of each shift

Additional Information
  • Seasonal from May to October
  • Weekends only at the start and end of the season
  • All days during peak season