Why Most Companies Never Hire the Perfect Person for the Job

Want to hire superstars? The LinkedIn article states that it’s extremely hard for companies to find the ‘‘total package’’ because the process is time consuming, exhausting, and the attention to detail is incredibly important.

But what if companies didn’t have to go through all that?

Burke Employment Solutions is there to do the hiring for our client companies, eliminating the difficulty of the process. It’s our job, as a full-cycle recruitment firm, to go the distance, pay attention to detail, and spend as much time as necessary finding the perfect fit for every single job.

Burke Employment Solutions is able to determine what each and every company truly needs, and we can help establish what they don’t need. We are the ones who do the first pass for you. Our multiple-step screening and hiring process ensures that we don’t only do a first pass, we do a second, a third, and sometimes even a fourth! We can conduct highly focused interviews, go through reference checks and ensure that each candidate we choose is someone who will be worthy of the company.

It may be difficult for companies to find the “total package employee” when they’re busy running their own businesses, but that’s what Burke Employment Solutions is for. We are here to find that right employee, and make sure that you get the “total package” every time!”

– source: linkedin.com – article by Jeff Haden